DiCiccio: 'Mayor Refuses Vote on Real Proposal to Stop Pension Spiking'

Oct. 22, 2013

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Caption:Councilman Sal DiCiccio

We now know what a union-run Mayor costs taxpayers. Mayor Stanton kept his promise to the government unions but broke his promises to taxpayers to end the food tax.

Today, the Mayor was asked to keep his promise to the taxpayers. His vote kept his promise to the unions to keep pension spiking but broke his promise to end pension spiking.

The result is fewer services for you and your family, cronyism, and significant conflicts of interest.

Broken promises cost you and your family:

  • Food Tax: $80 million
  • Pension Spiking: $24 million (so far)
  • Cost of integrity and credibility: immeasurable

The vote further erodes Phoenix's credibility.  Taxpayers were promised a complete end to pension spiking but the Mayor didn't deliver.  Again. Proves he's the unions' Mayor.

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