Pedestrian Signal to be Activated Near Washington Elementary School

Nov. 7, 2012

HAWK Street Light IntersectionCouncilman Daniel Valenzuela, and the Street Transportation and Neighborhood Services departments will activate a new pedestrian signal at 9 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 8, on 27th Avenue at Royal Palm Lane, near Washington Elementary School, 8033 N. 27th Ave. 

The High Intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacon (HAWK) is a traffic-control device in Phoenix that makes crossing busy streets easier for pedestrians.  This is the 15th HAWK installation in Phoenix, but the first by a Washington Elementary School District school.          

 "The HAWK is a simple device that will offer a return on investment that cannot be measured in dollars and cents," said Councilman Daniel T. Valenuzela. "This HAWK ensures that Washington Elementary students will be safe as they make their way to and from school each day, for years to come."

The HAWK consists of a yellow-red signal format for motorists.  The signal remains off for vehicle traffic until a pedestrian activates the system by pressing a button.

Once activated, the main street vehicle signal flashes yellow for several seconds, followed by a solid yellow to give motorists enough time to stop at the crosswalk. After the solid yellow, two red indications are displayed and pedestrians are given a walk signal. When the walk time expires, the two red indications will flash in an alternating pattern while pedestrians continue across the street with a flashing "DON'T WALK" signal. Motorists may proceed after stopping, if the pedestrians have crossed their half of the street.

The HAWK has a different shape and is used only for pedestrian crossings on major streets. It does not control traffic on the side street.  For more information on how the HAWK works, visit

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