Vice Mayor Gates' Statement on City Manager Performance Dashboard, Efficiencies

Nov. 20, 2013

Bill Gates Headshot for News Releases

Caption:    Vice Mayor Bill Gates

"There is not a finish line when it comes to innovations and efficiencies.  This is an ongoing process to look for additional ways to streamline processes, provide better customer service and offer greater transparency for the public - and today's recommendations do just that," said Vice Mayor Bill Gates, chairman of the Finance, Efficiency and Economy Subcommittee.  "By co-locating County permitting functions at the city of Phoenix we create a seamless process - and a one-stop-shop - for those looking to develop in our city.  The City Manager's Performance Dashboard will provide an easy to understand snapshot of our successes as well as problem areas.  This will be posted on our city's website so residents have a clear window inside the workings of our city."

-- Vice Mayor Bill Gates

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