Grease Can Cause Blocked Sewer Lines

Nov. 25, 2013

Water Drop IconAs the holidays approach and cooking meals becomes a sporting event, the City of Phoenix Water Services Department reminds you to cease the grease – the grease you may be putting down your drain.  

Pouring liquid fat, cooking oil, grease, or solids down the drain becomes a problem after it hardens inside of your private sewer lines or the city’s sewer lines. Either way, the cleanup costs can be extensive and eventually come out of your pocket.  

The biggest grease culprits include meat fats, oils, butter, margarine, sauces, gravies, and shortening. Phoenix advises that you let the grease cool then scrape grease from pots and pans into the trash prior to washing dishes. Phoenix also recommends minimizing the use of your garbage disposal and disposing of vegetable peelings and other solids in the trash.  

Each year, Phoenix cleans about 1,200 miles of its 5,000 miles of sewer lines using high-tech equipment and cameras that allow operators to view the inside of the lines, inspect for potential structural issues, and remove hardened grease, cooking oil, and solids that can lead to sanitary sewer overflows; where sewage backs up into your home, yard, neighborhood or street. 

The city also has an extensive education program with restaurants. Restaurants are inspected and required to implement best management practices and to install and maintain grease traps to prevent the discharge of grease, oils, and solids which can cause sanitary sewer overflows. The overflows are not just nasty and smelly, but pollute rivers and streams and can threaten public health, fish, and wildlife. You can help; just cease the grease. 

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