Phoenix Receiving a Perfect Score From Human Rights Campaign

Nov. 26, 2013

 Councilman Valenzuela Headshot for News with Caption"Today, the City of Phoenix was honored by the Human Rights Campaign for achieving a perfect score on its Municipal Equality Index - for showing support for the LGBT community in our city. This acknowledgement from the HRC is important because it means we are on the right track. Phoenix is a special place because of our diversity; however, there is a great difference between diversity and inclusiveness. Only by celebrating our differences can we truly be united. Earlier in the year, the Phoenix City Council passed an anti-discrimination ordinance related to housing, employment and public accommodations to strengthen protection for those in the LGBT and disabled communities. This was a strong statement by my council colleagues and me in support of civil rights and equal opportunities for all – but we should not consider this the finish line. Fostering a spirit of inclusiveness in our city is the right thing to do for our residents and for our economy - this is the kind of progress that will serve us well today and drive us toward a bright future."

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