Stantons chosen as Echo Magazine's Man & Woman of the Year

Dec. 20, 2012

Greg Stanton for News Releases

Caption:      Mayor Greg Stanton

Mayor Greg Stanton and his wife Nicole France Stanton have been selected as Echo Magazine’s 2012 Man and Woman of the Year, the first straight couple ever to be chosen for the magazine’s annual title.

Echo Magazine selected them for championing many of the LGBT community’s core issues, including anti-bullying, anti-discrimination, HIV/AIDS awareness and marriage equality.

“It’s almost as if the Stantons are members of ‘the family’,” according to Echo. “For their time and attention as allies working on local LGBT issues, Greg and Nicole Stanton are Echo Magazine’s Man and Woman of the Year for 2012.”

As part of bringing awareness to LGBT issues, the Stantons have worked to eliminate bullying in Arizona schools. Nicole Stanton formed the anti-bullying initiative Stop Bullying AZ and held an anti-bullying summit to educate and provide best practices to develop a cohesive response to bullying. Mayor Stanton has worked with the LGBT community by supporting marriage equality and updates to city policies to reflect equal rights for the LGBT community.

“Nicole and I both are so honored and humbled to be selected for this prestigious award, and we’re proud allies of the LGBT community,” Mayor Stanton said. “I am incredibly proud of Nicole for her work on anti-bullying to help kids do what they’re supposed to do in school — learn. In Phoenix, diversity is our strength, but we still have a long way to go toward equality, and we’ll do this together, every step of the way.”


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