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3/19/14 11:36 AM
Technology Summit Plan Approved by Phoenix City Council Subcommitee
3/18/14 2:09 PM
City Council Subcommittee Moves Forward Open Space Protections On Golf Courses
3/13/14 5:06 PM
Statement from Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Police - No More Cuts
2/26/14 5:01 PM
Councilman DiCiccio: 'City Council Approves $650,000 to Study People's Garbage'
2/26/14 4:20 PM
Councilman DiCiccio: City Approves Technology Summit
2/24/14 4:20 PM
Councilman DiCiccio Statement on New Agreement Increasing Days Off for Unions
2/19/14 5:57 PM
DiCiccio: Mayor& Council Approve Money Laundering Scheme to Fund Unions
2/11/14 3:46 PM
Councilman Diciccio Calls on Mayor Stanton to Ban Gifts to Politicians
2/6/14 2:30 PM
City Delays Court Order Banning Taxpayer Monies Funding Union Activity
2/3/14 7:00 PM
City Announces it Will Stop Using Taxpayer Monies to Fund Union Activities
1/30/14 11:18 AM
Statements: Court Rules Funding Union Activity is Illegal
1/29/14 1:05 PM
Councilman DiCiccio's Statement on AZ Superior Court Release Time Ruling
1/15/14 7:47 PM
City Council Approves $65K Agreement with FBI Combating Child Exploitation
1/8/14 4:27 PM
Phoenix to Reopen Camelback's Echo Canyon Area Jan. 15
1/7/14 4:50 PM
No Net Water/Sewer Rate Increase Three Years in a Row
12/30/13 6:45 PM
Inauguration Ceremony for Newly Elected and Re-Elected Councilmembers Jan. 2
11/15/13 5:40 PM
Councilman Sal DiCiccio to be Presented with "Local Hero" Award
11/14/13 2:14 PM
Councilman DiCiccio Statement on Electronic Plan Review, Future Improvements
11/4/13 3:35 PM
Phoenix Launches Electronic Plan Review
10/31/13 1:29 PM
DiCiccio: Mayor's Swing Vote Keeping Pension Taxpayers Tricked, Unions Treated
10/23/13 10:50 AM
Council Members DiCiccio and Waring Call for Reconsideration of Pension Reform
10/23/13 10:32 AM
DiCiccio: 'Mayor Refuses Vote on Real Proposal to Stop Pension Spiking'
10/11/13 12:08 PM
Statement From Councilman Sal DiCiccio
10/2/13 4:00 PM
Statement from Councilman DiCiccio Regarding Mayor Stanton's News Conference
9/4/13 7:55 PM
Three City Council Members Request Public Hearing on Pension Spiking
7/16/13 9:51 PM
Ahwatukee Storm Update
6/24/13 4:31 PM
Councilman DiCiccio Calls for Reforms at City Hall
6/12/13 11:11 AM
Council Approves Ethics Policy, Includes Ban on Gifts for Elected Officials
5/21/13 4:36 PM
Councilman DiCiccio Votes Against "Food Tax for Pay Raises Scheme"
5/19/13 2:02 PM
Statement from Councilman Sal DiCiccio Re: Officer Raetz and Firefighter Harper
5/7/13 5:06 PM
Phoenix Budget Shocker: Statement from Councilman Sal DiCiccio
11/13/12 10:21 AM
Mayor and City Council Approve Changes to Zoning Ordinance
10/9/12 11:25 AM
Pedestrian Signal Activated Near Pendergast School
6/22/09 4:05 PM
Phoenix Mayor and City Council Celebrate Fifth All-America City Award