Photo-Graffiti Buster in actionGraffiti is costly and destructive, and sends a message that the community is not concerned about the appearance of its neighborhoods.  To help in the effort, the city created the Graffiti Busters Program.  You can take control of your neighborhood by quickly removing graffiti. Prompt removal reduces the chance of graffiti reappearing and helps maintain a safe, secure and attractive environment.

The goals of the program:

  • Support a zero tolerance approach to graffiti in our neighborhoods.
  • Reduce the social and economic impact of graffiti on our neighborhoods.
  • Enhance the quality of life for residents by reducing blight.

Help keep our community and the city graffiti free by filling out a graffiti Permission Slip.

Graffiti Busters
Graffiti Busters crews remove graffiti reported through various ways and also coordinate with other public and private agencies to remove graffiti.  The Graffiti Busters remove graffiti for free. However, a signed Graffiti Busters permission slip (PDF) from the property owner or other responsible party is required.  Sign and return the Permission Slip: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) and share the Coloring Book: The Adventures of Graffiti Busters (PDF) | Las Aventuras de Graffiti Buster (PDF).

Phoenix also has a non-access ordinance, making it illegal to sell spray paint or broad-tipped indelible markers to anyone under 18 years of age.  Retailers also must keep these items in a manner that require employee assistance to access.

Blight Busters
Blight Busters Program was created to train community volunteers to help support graffiti removal and other blight issues in Phoenix neighborhoods. It is a great example of the spirit of volunteerism in our community. Volunteers learn to use graffiti abatement equipment, techniques to avoid conflicts, how to address illegal signs in the right of way and other tools and information to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe.

Graffiti Vandal Catching Reward
This Police Department has a special graffiti hotline, if you believe you can provide information leading to the arrest of a graffiti vandal, call 602-262-7327 to make a report. You don't have to give your name or other identification, and you could receive an award up to $250. For more information on this program visit the Police Graffiti Hotline site.

Quick Contact List
Report graffiti/more information602-534-4444
Graffiti in progress9-1-1
Crime Stop602-262-6151
Vandal Catching Reward Program602-262-7327
Free paint for graffiti removal602-495-0323


Contact Information
Graffiti Busters Program
200 W. Washington St., fourth floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003-1611
Phone: 602-534-4444
TTY: 602-495-0685
Report Graffiti

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