Volunteer with our NSD Network

The NSD Network works to meet community needs by harnessing the power of volunteers and community partners.  From training Blight Buster volunteers to remove graffiti, to helping residents in need through our Volunteer Assistance Program - we do it all in an effort to reduce blight and improve the Phoenix community.  

We invite you to take action in your community!  Take a look at our programs below to learn how you can become a part of the NSD Network as a volunteer or partner.  You also may look through the city's Volunteer Phoenix website to find upcoming volunteer opportunities.   


Become a Tree-riffic NSD Volunteer  
Help keep neighborhoods safe by removing dead trees for disadvantaged and elderly Phoenix residents. Currently, there is a high need for volunteer tree removal assistance in central and north Phoenix.  Volunteer Assistance Program volunteers serve one Saturday a month and benefit by building connections with new residents and from the pride of knowing they are keeping Phoenix communities safe.  You can donate your expertise or financial support to complete a tree removal by contacting volunteer.nsd@phoenix.gov.

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