South Mountain Telecommunication Tower Sites

South Mountain Tower Sites

Caption: The telecommunication tower site at South Mountain Park features paved roads and state-of-the-art security

South Mountain Park’s telecommunication tower sites in south-central Phoenix provide broadcasters a unique topographical benefit and are currently home to major television and radio stations.  In addition to these “high power” transmitters, there are numerous “low power” users, including:  cellular, two-way radio, microwave transmissions and wifi providers.  From its first public safety communication tower in the 1940’s, to present day technological advances, South Mountain has been at the epicenter of the communication needs for the metropolitan Phoenix area’s (Phoenix – Mesa – Scottsdale) 4.3 million residents.

Municipally owned and managed, South Mountain’s tower sites are easily accessible via a network of paved roads and feature state-of-the-art security including a fully fenced perimeter, video surveillance, badge activated gate and 24-hour video monitoring system. A variety of license fees are available with long term contracts.

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