Encanto Park Amphitheater Island Wedding

Walkway, lagoon and waterfall at AMP Island

Caption: Walkway next to lagoon and waterfall by Amp Island


There are two reservable picnic areas at Encanto Park. They are located on Ampitheater and are called Amp Island 1 and Amp Island 2. They can be reserved separately, or together. Each side is comprised of six picnic tables and one grill. Amplified sound is permitted only in this location with a permit. Permits can be purchased upon booking a reservation. Reserved together, the two picnic areas can accommodate up to three hundred people. Currently, there is no charge for reserving Ampitheater Island. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance.

AMP Park open space

Caption: Amp Island offers open space for outdoor weddings and receptions

There is no access to electricity in the park. For more information call. 602 261-8991 for reservations.

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