Ramada, Amphitheater and Event Information

The park is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Park staff phone number: (602)534-4810 or (602) 534-8659

Ramadas - There are two medium size ramadas available for no charge on a first-come, first served basis. These ramadas can accommodate 100 people and are located in the Neighborhood Park area, one near the volleyball courts and one by the Playground. The park also has five family-sized ramadas that accommodate 40 people each, located in the Phoenix Green area of the Park. These also are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Barbecue grills are located by each ramada.    

Rules and Guidelines for Ramada use:
1. All open space and ramadas are available on a first come first served basis.Some events require an approved Special Event Application (see below)   Moon bounces require certificate of insurance, generator and sandbags. No staking allowed. Piñatas and decorations are prohibited. No amplified or non-amplified sound, music, DJ’s, bands, radio stations, etc. allowed in the ramadas.  No exceptions. For events with amplified sound a *Special Event application (see below) will need to be submitted. Group is responsible for all clean up of area and disposing of all trash.  Glass containers are prohibited. Driving on Park property is prohibited. All loading and unloading of equipment must be done from parking lot. Petting zoos, pony rides and dunk tanks are prohibited.

2. The Park staff will halt any activity deemed to be disruptive, hazardous, damaging to the facility or threatening to the safety of participants or spectators.

Amphitheater rental - The open-air Amphitheater is available for reservation for a fee and deposit. Parties interested in renting the amphitheater must make an appointment by calling park staff at the number above. Fees and deposits are due at the time of reservation

Special Events - Any activity with 150 or more participants is considered a special event. Security deposits are applicable for special events with 300 or more participants. Deposit amounts vary depending on the projected attendance of the event. Parties wanting to make a reservation for a special event must make an appointment by calling park staff at the number above and filling out a special event application request form.


Special event fee and deposit information:

100 – 999                                   $500
1000 – 2999                              $1000
3000 – 4999                              $1500
5000 +                                        $2000


PHOENIX GREEN - Accommodates 3000 & up
Non Profit $ 500/day
Private $1000/day
Commercial $1500/day

CIRCLE OF LIFE- Accommodates 1000 to 3000
Non Profit $250/day
Private $500/day
Commercial $750

AMPHITHEATER- accommodates up to 1000
Non Profit $300/day
Private $600/day
Commercial $900/day

Staff Leadership Fee: $42 per hour / per staff- (required for all events)
Maintenance Fee: $51 per hour / per staff


NOTE: You can download a * Special Event Application Form, bring to the Park, or mail the form to: City of Phoenix, Steele Indian School Park SAR, 2700 N. 15th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85007. Also see Special Event Fact Sheet. Also see: Please see our "Planning a Gathering, Party or Event" webpage for complete details on SAR (special
activity request) requirements.