Download Phoenix Parks Screensavers


Download yours today!
You love Phoenix Parks. Now you can download photos that highlight the beauty and diversity of the Phoenix parks system. Use these photos as a desktop background, wallpaper or screen saver to bring the beauty of Phoenix's outdoors to your home computer everyday. Just follow the easy instructions listed below:

a) Choose your favorite picture(s) to copy to your computer's Screensaver folder. We suggest you create a new folder in your "My Pictures" file called "Phoenix Screensaver" to save your screensaver images in. Then click on any thumbprint image to enlarge. Right click on the enlarged image, choose "save as" and browse to "Phoenix Screensaver" folder to save it. Save one, two or all of the images.

NOTE: Print your set up instructions below to make it easier to follow along:

b) Click here for general Screensaver set-up instructions
c) Click here for Windows XP & Vista instructions
d) Click here for Windows 7 instructions
e) MAC Users follow these instructions

Instructions for Desktop "Wallpaper" image use:
(Be sure you have saved your images to a Phoenix Screensaver folder first (as instructed above):
Add an image to your Desktop Wallpaper

Click each thumbnail image to enlarge

 press1s.jpg ccparks.jpg

jfgs.jpg papruns.jpg

pithos.jpg riosalbr.jpg

saguaflos.jpg petros.jpg