Pioneer and Military Memorial Park

Pioneer & Military Park Cemetary

15th Avenue and Jefferson St., 
Phoenix, Arizona 85007(602) 534-1262
Avenue of Flags, benches, fountain, historic cemeteries.

Pioneer and Military Memorial Park serves as a monument to the pioneer families of Arizona. The park's historic cemeteries are the final resting place to notable figures in Arizona history and folklore: self-proclaimed "Lord" Darrell Duppa, credited with naming Phoenix and Tempe, and John T. Alsap who was the first Mayor of  Phoenix in1881 and later, Maricopa County Probate Judge.  Famously, Jacob Waltz, the Dutchman of Superstition Mountain notoriety also rests here. A monument to Waltz includes a simulation of some of the imposing bluffs that serve as landmarks of the rugged Superstition Wilderness.   Waltz and the legendary "Lost Dutchman" gold mine have become part of the internationally-known folklore of the southwestern United States.  

Historic Smurthwaite House at Pioneer & Militgary Cemetary




The historic Smurthwaite House, was relocated to the park at 1317 W. Jefferson Street in 1994. Restoration, which began in May of 1998, was completed in 2004.  The house serves as the headquarters for the Pioneers' Cemetery Association and houses archives for burial records, obituaries and data relating to Arizona's historic cemetery sites.




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Civil War Reenactors Memorial Day Observance


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Pioneer & Military Memorial Park cemeteries are open to the public most Thursdays, year-around, and other times by appointment or special event. Visitors are encouraged to email the PCA in advance about anticipated visits. Or, go to for updated information.