Pecos Pool

Pecos Pool

Caption: Pool amenities include shade ramadas, lawn furniture and tables, vending machines, beach entry, slide, diving boards, tumble buckets, star burst, and mushroom water feature, ADA chair lift.

17010 S. 48th St.
(602) 534-9255

Pool Schedule:                Pool Hours:
May 24 -  May 26              1-7 p.m. daily
May 31 - July 27               Closed on Fridays

Admissions:            Season Passes:
Adults: $3                 Family of 4: $75 (additional member $7)
Seniors: 50+: $1       Adult: $30
Children 0-17: $1      Senior: 50+: $20
Children: 0-17: $20Pecos Pool Slide  

Swimming Lessons: $15
Swimming Lessons Semi Private: $40
Water aerobics (35): $15
Water aerobics (60 min): $22.50
Recreation Teams: $45

Lesson Descriptions
New Semi - Private Swimming Lessons:
Semi-private swimming lessons at Deer Valley, Mountain View, Paradise Valley and Pecos Pools. The maximum number of students allowed in a class is three. These semi-private lessons will be taught on weekends throughout the summer. Offering two sessions, one in June and one in July, for a total of eight classes per session. Your student will have the opportunity for more individualized interaction with the instructor.


 Classes and Programs Listed Below

PECOS POOL17010 S. 48th St.(602) 534-9255
Cigna Summer
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourse Days
1026426/9 - 7/2612:30 PM1:30 PMLIFEGUARD ACADEMYMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1026136/9 - 7/1912:30 PM1:30 PMJR LIFEGURARDMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
1026046/9 - 7/121:00 PM2:00 PMDISCOVERY GUARDMonday, Wednesday
1026036/10 - 7/121:00 PM2:00 PMCUB CLUBTuesday, Thursday
Recreation Team
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourse Days
1026466/2 - 7/107:45 AM8:45 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 11-17 YRSMonday - Thursday
1026476/2 - 7/108:45 AM9:45 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 5-8 YRSMonday - Thursday
1026486/2 - 7/109:45 AM10:45 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 9-10 YRSMonday - Thursday
1026436/2 - 7/87:45 AM8:45 AMRECREATIONAL DIVE TEAM 5-8 YRSMonday - Thursday
1026446/2 - 7/88:45 AM9:45 AMRECREATIONAL DIVE TEAM 9-10 YRSMonday - Thursday
1026456/2 - 7/89:45 AM10:45 AMRECREATIONAL DIVE TEAM 11-17 YRSMonday - Thursday
Semi - Private Lessons:  June 7 - June 29, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourse Days
10568410:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10568510:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10568610:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10568710:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570710:45 AM11:20 AMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10571510:45 AM11:20 AMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
10569211:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10569311:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10569411:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10569511:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570911:30 AM12:05 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10571711:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
10569912:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570012:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570112:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570212:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570312:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10571212:15 PM12:50 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
SESSION A:  June 2 - June 12, 2014 SESSION B:  June 16 - June 26, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10272610:50 AM11:25 AMWHITE STAR10274110:50 AM11:25 AMWHITE STAR
10272710:50 AM11:25 AMWHITE STAR10274210:50 AM11:25 AMWHITE STAR
10264910:50 AM11:25 AMRED STAR10266110:50 AM11:25 AMRED STAR
10265010:50 AM11:25 AMRED STAR10266210:50 AM11:25 AMRED STAR
10278610:50 AM11:25 AMYELLOW STAR10279310:50 AM11:25 AMYELLOW STAR
10258310:50 AM11:25 AMBLUE STAR10258810:50 AM11:25 AMBLUE STAR
10572010:50 AM11:25 AMGREEN STAR10572110:50 AM11:25 AMGREEN STAR
10271810:50 AM11:25 AMWATER AEROBICS10272010:50 AM11:25 AMWATER AEROBICS
10261510:50 AM11:25 AMLAP SWIM10261710:50 AM11:25 AMLAP SWIM
10272811:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10274311:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10272911:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10274411:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10273011:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10274511:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10265111:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR10266311:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR
10265211:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR10266411:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR
10278711:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STAR10279411:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STAR
10258411:30 AM12:05 PMBLUE STAR10258911:30 AM12:05 PMBLUE STAR
10260511:30 AM12:05 PMDIVING LESSONS10260711:30 AM12:05 PMDIVING LESSONS
10261411:30 AM12:05 PMLAP SWIM10261611:30 AM12:05 PMLAP SWIM
10270112:10 PM12:45 PMSTARBABIES10270412:10 PM12:45 PMSTARBABIES
10273112:10 PM12:45 PMWHITE STAR10274612:10 PM12:45 PMWHITE STAR
10273212:10 PM12:45 PMWHITE STAR10274712:10 PM12:45 PMWHITE STAR
10265312:10 PM12:45 PMRED STAR10266512:10 PM12:45 PMRED STAR
10266012:10 PM12:45 PMRED STAR10267212:10 PM12:45 PMRED STAR
10278812:10 PM12:45 PMYELLOW STAR10279512:10 PM12:45 PMYELLOW STAR
10258512:10 PM12:45 PMBLUE STAR10259012:10 PM12:45 PMBLUE STAR
10260612:10 PM12:45 PMDIVING LESSONS10260812:10 PM12:45 PMDIVING LESSONS
10262212:10 PM12:45 PMLAP SWIM10262312:10 PM12:45 PMLAP SWIM
1027024:00 PM4:35 PMSTARBABIES1027054:00 PM4:35 PMSTARBABIES
1027334:00 PM4:35 PMWHITE STAR1027484:00 PM4:35 PMWHITE STAR
1027344:00 PM4:35 PMWHITE STAR1027494:00 PM4:35 PMWHITE STAR
1026544:00 PM4:35 PMRED STAR1026664:00 PM4:35 PMRED STAR
1026554:00 PM4:35 PMRED STAR1026674:00 PM4:35 PMRED STAR
1027894:00 PM4:35 PMYELLOW STAR1027964:00 PM4:35 PMYELLOW STAR
1026264:00 PM4:35 PMLAP SWIM1026404:00 PM4:35 PMLAP SWIM
1027354:40 PM5:15 PMWHITE STAR1027504:40 PM5:15 PMWHITE STAR
1027364:40 PM5:15 PMWHITE STAR1027514:40 PM5:15 PMWHITE STAR
1026564:40 PM5:15 PMRED STAR1026684:40 PM5:15 PMRED STAR
1026574:40 PM5:15 PMRED STAR1026694:40 PM5:15 PMRED STAR
1027904:40 PM5:15 PMYELLOW STAR1027974:40 PM5:15 PMYELLOW STAR 
1025864:40 PM5:15 PMBLUE STAR1025914:40 PM5:15 PMBLUE STAR
1026294:40 PM5:15 PMLAP SWIM1026304:40 PM5:15 PMLAP SWIM
1027035:20 PM5:55 PMSTARBABIES1027065:20 PM5:55 PMSTARBABIES
1027375:20 PM5:55 PMWHITE STAR1027525:20 PM5:55 PMWHITE STAR
1027385:20 PM5:55 PMWHITE STAR1027535:20 PM5:55 PMWHITE STAR
1026585:20 PM5:55 PMRED STAR1026705:20 PM5:55 PMRED STAR
1027915:20 PM5:55 PMYELLOW STAR1027985:20 PM5:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1025875:20 PM5:55 PMBLUE STAR1025925:20 PM5:55 PMBLUE STAR
1026335:20 PM5:55 PMLAP SWIM1026355:20 PM5:55 PMLAP SWIM
1027396:00 PM6:35 PMWHITE STAR1027546:00 PM6:35 PMWHITE STAR
1027406:00 PM6:35 PMWHITE STAR1027556:00 PM6:35 PMWHITE STAR
1026596:00 PM6:35 PMRED STAR1026716:00 PM6:35 PMRED STAR
1027926:00 PM6:35 PMYELLOW STAR1027996:00 PM6:35 PMYELLOW STAR
1026976:00 PM6:35 PMSILVER STAR1026986:00 PM6:35 PMSLIVER STAR
1027196:00 PM6:35 PMWATER AEROBICS1027216:00 PM6:35 PMWATER AEROBICS
1026346:00 PM6:35 PMLAP SWIM1026416:00 PM6:35 PMLAP SWIM
Semi - Private Lessons:  July 5 - July 27, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourse Days
10568810:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10568910:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10569010:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10569110:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570810:45 AM11:20 AMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10571610:45 AM11:20 AMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
10569611:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10569711:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10569811:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10571011:30 AM12:05 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10571111:30 AM12:05 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10571811:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
10570412:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570512:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10570612:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10571312:15 PM12:50 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10571412:15 PM12:50 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10571912:15 PM12:50 PMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
SESSION C:  June 30 - July 10, 2014 SESSION D:  July 14 - July 24, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10275610:50 AM11:25 AMWHITE STAR10277110:50 AM11:25 AMWHITE STAR
10275710:50 AM11:25 AMWHITE STAR10277210:50 AM11:25 AMWHITE STAR
10267310:50 AM11:25 AMRED STAR10268510:50 AM11:25 AMRED STAR
10267410:50 AM11:25 AMRED STAR10268610:50 AM11:25 AMRED STAR
10280010:50 AM11:25 AMYELLOW STAR10280110:50 AM11:25 AMYELLOW STAR
10259310:50 AM11:25 AMBLUE STAR10259410:50 AM11:25 AMBLUE STAR
10572210:50 AM11:25 AMGREEN STAR10572310:50 AM11:25 AMGREEN STAR
10272210:50 AM11:25 AMWATER AEROBICS10272410:50 AM11:25 AMWATER AEROBICS
10261810:50 AM11:25 AMLAP SWIM10262010:50 AM11:25 AMLAP SWIM
10275811:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10277311:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10275911:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10277411:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10276011:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10277511:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10267511:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR10268711:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR
10267611:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR10268811:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR
10280311:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STAR10280211:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STAR
10259611:30 AM12:05 PMBLUE STAR10259511:30 AM12:05 PMBLUE STAR
10260911:30 AM12:05 PMDIVING LESSONS10261111:30 AM12:05 PMDIVING LESSONS
10261911:30 AM12:05 PMLAP SWIM10262111:30 AM12:05 PMLAP SWIM
10270712:10 PM12:45 PMSTARBABIES10270812:10 PM12:45 PMSTARBABIES 
10276112:10 PM12:45 PMWHITE STAR10277612:10 PM12:45 PMWHITE STAR
10276212:10 PM12:45 PMWHITE STAR10277712:10 PM12:45 PMWHITE STAR
10267712:10 PM12:45 PMRED STAR10268912:10 PM12:45 PMRED STAR
10268412:10 PM12:45 PMRED STAR10269612:10 PM12:45 PMRED STAR
10280412:10 PM12:45 PMYELLOW STAR10280512:10 PM12:45 PMYELLOW STAR
10259712:10 PM12:45 PMBLUE STAR10259812:10 PM12:45 PMBLUE STAR
10261012:10 PM12:45 PMDIVING LESSONS10261212:10 PM12:45 PMDIVING LESSONS
10262412:10 PM12:45 PMLAP SWIM10262512:10 PM12:45 PMLAP SWIM
1027104:00 PM4:35 PMSTARBABIES1027114:00 PM4:35 PMSTARBABIES 
1027634:00 PM4:35 PMWHITE STAR1027784:00 PM4:35 PMWHITE STAR
1027644:00 PM4:35 PMWHITE STAR1027794:00 PM4:35 PMWHITE STAR
1026784:00 PM4:35 PMRED STAR1026904:00 PM4:35 PMRED STAR
1026794:00 PM4:35 PMRED STAR1026914:00 PM4:35 PMRED STAR
1028074:00 PM4:35 PMYELLOW STAR1028064:00 PM4:35 PMYELLOW STAR
1026274:00 PM4:35 PMLAP SWIM1026284:00 PM4:35 PMLAP SWIM
1027654:40 PM5:15 PMWHITE STAR1027804:40 PM5:15 PMWHITE STAR
1027664:40 PM5:15 PMWHITE STAR1027814:40 PM5:15 PMWHITE STAR
1026804:40 PM5:15 PMRED STAR1026924:40 PM5:15 PMRED STAR
1026814:40 PM5:15 PMRED STAR1026934:40 PM5:15 PMRED STAR
1028084:40 PM5:15 PMYELLOW STAR1028094:40 PM5:15 PMYELLOW STAR
1026004:40 PM5:15 PMBLUE STAR1025994:40 PM5:15 PMBLUE STAR
1026314:40 PM5:15 PMLAP SWIM1026324:40 PM5:15 PMLAP SWIM
1027125:20 PM5:55 PMSTARBABIES1027135:20 PM5:55 PMSTARBABIES
1027675:20 PM5:55 PMWHITE STAR1027825:20 PM5:55 PMWHITE STAR
1027685:20 PM5:55 PMWHITE STAR1027835:20 PM5:55 PMWHITE STAR
1026825:20 PM5:55 PMRED STAR1026945:20 PM5:55 PMRED STAR
1028115:20 PM5:55 PMYELLOW STAR1028105:20 PM5:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1026015:20 PM5:55 PMBLUE STAR1026025:20 PM5:55 PMBLUE STAR
1026365:20 PM5:55 PMLAP SWIM1026385:20 PM5:55 PMLAP SWIM
1027696:00 PM6:35 PMWHITE STAR1027846:00 PM6:35 PMWHITE STAR
1027706:00 PM6:35 PMWHITE STAR1027856:00 PM6:35 PMWHITE STAR
1026836:00 PM6:35 PMRED STAR1026956:00 PM6:35 PMRED STAR
1028126:00 PM6:35 PMYELLOW STAR1028136:00 PM6:35 PMYELLOW STAR
1026996:00 PM6:35 PMSILVER STAR1027006:00 PM6:35 PMSILVER STAR
1027236:00 PM6:35 PMWATER AEROBICS1027256:00 PM6:35 PMWATER AEROBICS
1026376:00 PM6:35 PMLAP SWIM1026396:00 PM6:35 PMLAP SWIM