El Prado Pool

Junior Lifeguard Olympics at El Prado Pool

Caption: Pool Amenities include shade ramadas, picnic tables, vending machines, beach entry, slide, diving boards, water basketball, ADA stairs.

6428 S. 19th Ave.
(602) 261-8638
Map to the pool

Pool Schedule:                Pool Hours:
May 24 -  May 26              1-7 p.m. daily
May 31 - July 27               Closed on Fridays


Adults: $3
Seniors: 50+: $1
Children 0-17: Free
Kool Kids Pool
Season Passes:
Family of 4: $75
(additional member $7)
Adult: $30
Senior: 50+: $20
Children: 0-17: $20

El Prado Pool

Swimming Lessons: $15
Recreation Teams: $45

Lesson Descriptions
Classes and Programs Listed Below


EL PRADO POOL6428 S. 19th Ave.(602) 261-8638
Cigna Summer
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourse Days
1015226/9 - 7/261:00 PM2:00 PMLIFEGUARD ACADEMYMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1015216/9 - 7/191:00 PM2:00 PMJR LIFEGUARDMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
1015206/9 - 7/123:00 PM4:00 PMDISCOVERY GUARDMonday, Wednesday
1015196/10 - 7/123:00 PM4:00 PMCUB CLUBTuesday, Thursday
Recreation Team
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourse Days
1015236/2 - 7/109:55 AM10:55 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 5-17 YRSMonday - Thursday
SESSION A:  June 2 - June 12, 2014 SESSION B:  June 16 - June 26, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10154611:00 AM11:35 AMSTARBABIES10154911:00 AM11:35 AMSTARBABIES
10155811:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10156511:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10152411:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR10152911:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR
10158811:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR10159011:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR
10155911:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10156611:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10152511:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR10153011:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR
10158611:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR10159211:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR
10151511:40 AM12:15 PMBLUE STAR10151611:40 AM12:15 PMBLUE STAR
10154812:20 PM12:55 PMSTARBABIES10155112:20 PM12:55 PMSTARBABIES
10156012:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10156712:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10152612:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10153112:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
10152812:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10153312:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
1056614:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR1056624:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR
1015614:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR1015684:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR
1015625:00 PM5:35 PMWHITE STAR1015695:00 PM5:35 PMWHITE STAR
1015275:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR1015325:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR
1015635:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR1015705:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR
1015875:40 PM6:15 PMYELLOW STAR1015945:40 PM6:15 PMYELLOW STAR
1015646:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1015716:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1015896:20 PM6:55 PMYELLOW STAR1015956:20 PM6:55 PMYELLOW STAR
SESSION C:  June 30 - July 10, 2014 SESSION D:  July 14 - July 24, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10155211:00 AM11:35 AMSTARBABIES10155511:00 AM11:35 AMSTARBABIES
10157211:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10157911:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10153411:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR10154011:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR
10159111:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR10159311:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR
10157311:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10158011:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10153511:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR10154111:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR
10159611:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR10159711:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR
10151711:40 AM12:15 PMBLUE STAR10151811:40 AM12:15 PMBLUE STAR
10155312:20 PM12:55 PMSTARBABIES10155712:20 PM12:55 PMSTARBABIES 
10157412:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10158112:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10153612:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10154212:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
10153812:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10154412:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
1056634:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR1056644:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR
1015754:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR1015824:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR
1015765:00 PM5:35 PMWHITE STAR1015835:00 PM5:35 PMWHITE STAR
1015375:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR1015435:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR
1015775:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR1015845:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR
1015985:40 PM6:15 PMYELLOW STAR1015995:40 PM6:15 PMYELLOW STAR
1015786:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1015856:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1015396:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1015456:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
**Bolded classes are $3.00.  Thank you to SRP for their donation and support for teaching kids how to swim.