Mountain View Pool

Girls diving into pool

Caption: Pool Amenities include shade ramadas, picnic tables, drop slide, water basketball hoop, ADA chair lift, ADA stairs.

1104 E. Grovers
(602) 534-1347

Pool Schedule:                 Pool Hours:
May 24 -  May 26               1-3 p.m. Daily, 
May 31 - July 27                 Closed on Fridays

Admissions:                     Season Passes: 
Adults: $3                          Family of 4: $75 (additional member $7)
Seniors: 50+: $1                Adult: $30
Children 0-17: $1               Senior: 50+: $20
                                         Children: 0-17: $20

Swimming Lessons: $15
Swimming Lessons semi-private: $40
Water aerobics (35): $15
Water aerobics (60 min): $22.50
Recreation Teams: $45
Mountain View Pool slide
Lesson Descriptions
New Semi - Private Swimming Lessons:
Semi-private swimming lessons at Deer Valley, Mountain View, Paradise Valley and Pecos Pools.  The maximum number of students allowed in a class is three.  These semi-private lessons will be taught on weekends throughout the summer.  Offering two sessions, one in June and one in July, for a total of eight classes per session.  Your student will have the opportunity for more individualized interaction with the instructor.


Classes and Programs Viewable Below

MOUNTAIN VIEW POOL1104 E. Grovers,(602) 534-1347
Cigna Summer
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourse Days
1021456/9 - 7/121:30 PM2:30 PMDISCOVERY GUARDMonday, Wednesday
1021446/10 - 7/121:30 PM2:30 PMCUB CLUBTuesday, Thursday
Recreation Team
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourse Days
1021576/2 - 7/108:35 AM9:35 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM  5 - 8 YRSMonday - Thursday
1021586/2 - 7/109:35 AM10:35 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM  9 - 17 YRSMonday - Thursday
1021566/2 - 7/103:20 PM4:20 PMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 9 - 17 YRSMonday - Thursday
Semi - Private Lessons:  June 7 - June 29, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourse Days
10229610:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10229810:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10229910:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10466410:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10218910:45 AM11:20 AMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10234110:45 AM11:20 AMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
10230011:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10230111:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10230211:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10466511:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10219411:30 AM12:05 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10235211:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
10230312:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10230412:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10230512:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10466612:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10466712:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10219512:15 PM12:50 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
SESSION A:  June 2 - June 12, 2014 SESSION B:  June 16 - June 26, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10223310:45 AM11:20 AMSTARBABIES10224210:45 AM11:20 AMSTARBABIES
10226110:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STAR10226310:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STAR
10226210:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STAR10227310:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STAR
10466810:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STAR10218310:45 AM11:20 AMRED STAR
10216510:45 AM11:20 AMRED STAR10233810:45 AM11:20 AMYELLOW STAR
10233310:45 AM11:20 AMYELLOW STAR10215510:45 AM11:20 AMGREEN STAR
10225310:45 AM11:20 AMWATER AEROBICS10225410:45 AM11:20 AMWATER AEROBICS
10223511:30 AM12:05 PMSTARBABIES10224311:30 AM12:05 PMSTARBABIES
10226511:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10227411:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10227711:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10227811:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10466911:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10467011:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10216811:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR10218411:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR
10221311:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR10221411:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR
10235711:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STAR10235811:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STAR
10226712:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR10227512:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR
10229312:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR10229412:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR
10467112:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR10218512:15 PM12:50 PMRED STAR
10221512:15 PM12:50 PMRED STAR10221612:15 PM12:50 PMRED STAR
10233512:15 PM12:50 PMYELLOW STAR10233912:15 PM12:50 PMYELLOW STAR
10213812:15 PM12:50 PMBLUE STAR10213912:15 PM12:50 PMBLUE STAR
10214612:15 PM12:50 PMGREEN STAR10215212:15 PM12:50 PMGREEN STAR
1023153:20 PM3:55 PMWHITE STAR1023163:20 PM3:55 PMWHITE STAR
1046723:20 PM3:55 PMWHITE STAR1022183:20 PM3:55 PMRED STAR
1022193:20 PM3:55 PMRED STAR1022203:20 PM3:55 PMRED STAR
1023593:20 PM3:55 PMYELLOW STAR1023613:20 PM3:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1023603:20 PM3:55 PMYELLOW STAR1023623:20 PM3:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1022694:05 PM4:40 PMWHITE STAR1022764:05 PM4:40 PMWHITE STAR
1021744:05 PM4:40 PMRED STAR1021864:05 PM4:40 PMRED STAR
1022214:05 PM4:40 PMRED STAR1022224:05 PM4:40 PMRED STAR
1023374:05 PM4:40 PMYELLOW STAR1023474:05 PM4:40 PMYELLOW STAR
1021294:05 PM4:40 PMBLUE STAR1021364:05 PM4:40 PMBLUE STAR
1022374:50 PM5:25 PMSTARBABIES1022444:50 PM5:25 PMSTARBABIES
1022804:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR1022904:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR
1023174:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR1023184:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR
1021774:50 PM5:25 PMRED STAR1021874:50 PM5:25 PMRED STAR
1022234:50 PM5:25 PMRED STAR1022244:50 PM5:25 PMRED STAR
1023444:50 PM5:25 PMYELLOW STAR1023484:50 PM5:25 PMYELLOW STAR
1021494:50 PM5:25 PMGREEN STAR1021534:50 PM5:25 PMGREEN STAR
1022455:30 PM6:10 PMSTARBABIES1022465:30 PM6:10 PMSTARBABIES
1022825:30 PM6:10 PMWHITE STAR1022915:30 PM6:10 PMWHITE STAR
1023195:30 PM6:10 PMWHITE STAR1023205:30 PM6:10 PMWHITE STAR
1021805:30 PM6:10 PMRED STAR1021885:30 PM6:10 PMRED STAR
1023405:30 PM6:10 PMYELLOW STAR1023495:30 PM6:10 PMYELLOW STAR
1021325:30 PM6:10 PMBLUE STAR1021375:30 PM6:10 PMBLUE STAR
1022555:30 PM6:10 PMWATER AEROBICS1022565:30 PM6:10 PMWATER AEROBICS
1022476:20 PM6:55 PMSTARBABIES1022486:20 PM6:55 PMSTARBABIES
1022846:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1022926:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1023216:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1023226:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1021596:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1021606:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
1022256:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1022266:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
1023736:20 PM6:55 PMYELLOW STAR1023746:20 PM6:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1022276:20 PM6:55 PMSILVER STAR1022306:20 PM6:55 PMSILVER STAR
Semi - Private Lessons:  July 5 - July 27, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourse Days
10230610:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10230710:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10230810:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10467310:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10219810:45 AM11:20 AMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10235410:45 AM11:20 AMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
10230911:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10231011:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10231111:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10219911:30 AM12:05 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10220011:30 AM12:05 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10235511:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
10231212:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10231312:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10231412:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STARSaturday, Sunday
10220112:15 PM12:50 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10220212:15 PM12:50 PMRED STARSaturday, Sunday
10235612:15 PM12:50 PMYELLOW STARSaturday, Sunday
SESSION C:  June 30 - July 10, 2014 SESSION D:  July 14 - July 24, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10223410:45 AM11:20 AMSTARBABIES10224110:45 AM11:20 AMSTARBABIES
10226410:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STAR10227010:45 AM11:20 AMWHITE STAR
10216610:45 AM11:20 AMRED STAR10216710:45 AM11:20 AMRED STAR
10220310:45 AM11:20 AMRED STAR10220410:45 AM11:20 AMRED STAR
10236310:45 AM11:20 AMYELLOW STAR10236410:45 AM11:20 AMYELLOW STAR
10212410:45 AM11:20 AMBLUE STAR10212510:45 AM11:20 AMBLUE STAR
10225710:45 AM11:20 AMWATER AEROBICS10225810:45 AM11:20 AMWATER AEROBICS
10223611:30 AM12:05 PMSTARBABIES10223911:30 AM12:05 PMSTARBABIES
10226611:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10227111:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10232311:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR10232411:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10216911:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR10468011:30 AM12:05 PMWHITE STAR
10220511:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR10217011:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR
10233411:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STAR10220611:30 AM12:05 PMRED STAR
10214011:30 AM12:05 PMBLUE STAR10233611:30 AM12:05 PMYELLOW STAR
10226812:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR10227212:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR
10232512:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR10232612:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR
10467412:15 PM12:50 PMWHITE STAR10217312:15 PM12:50 PMRED STAR
10219112:15 PM12:50 PMRED STAR10219212:15 PM12:50 PMRED STAR
10236512:15 PM12:50 PMYELLOW STAR10236612:15 PM12:50 PMYELLOW STAR
10212712:15 PM12:50 PMBLUE STAR10212812:15 PM12:50 PMBLUE STAR
10214712:15 PM12:50 PMGREEN STAR10214812:15 PM12:50 PMGREEN STAR
1023273:20 PM3:55 PMWHITE STAR1023283:20 PM3:55 PMWHITE STAR
1046753:20 PM3:55 PMWHITE STAR1046783:20 PM3:55 PMWHITE STAR
1022083:20 PM3:55 PMRED STAR1022093:20 PM3:55 PMRED STAR
1046813:20 PM3:55 PMRED STAR1022103:20 PM3:55 PMRED STAR
1023673:20 PM3:55 PMYELLOW STAR1023693:20 PM3:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1022794:05 PM4:40 PMWHITE STAR1022864:05 PM4:40 PMWHITE STAR
1021754:05 PM4:40 PMRED STAR1021764:05 PM4:40 PMRED STAR
1022114:05 PM4:40 PMRED STAR1022124:05 PM4:40 PMRED STAR
1023424:05 PM4:40 PMYELLOW STAR1023434:05 PM4:40 PMYELLOW STAR
1021304:05 PM4:40 PMBLUE STAR1021314:05 PM4:40 PMBLUE STAR
1046764:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR1046774:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR
1022814:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR1022874:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR
1023294:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR1023304:50 PM5:25 PMWHITE STAR
1021784:50 PM5:25 PMRED STAR1021794:50 PM5:25 PMRED STAR
1023454:50 PM5:25 PMYELLOW STAR1023464:50 PM5:25 PMYELLOW STAR
1021424:50 PM5:25 PMBLUE STAR1021434:50 PM5:25 PMBLUE STAR
1021504:50 PM5:25 PMGREEN STAR1021514:50 PM5:25 PMGREEN STAR
1022495:30 PM6:10 PMSTARBABIES1022505:30 PM6:10 PMSTARBABIES
1022835:30 PM6:10 PMWHITE STAR1022885:30 PM6:10 PMWHITE STAR
1021815:30 PM6:10 PMRED STAR1021825:30 PM6:10 PMRED STAR
1023505:30 PM6:10 PMYELLOW STAR1023515:30 PM6:10 PMYELLOW STAR
1021335:30 PM6:10 PMBLUE STAR1021345:30 PM6:10 PMBLUE STAR
1022315:30 PM6:10 PMSILVER STAR1022325:30 PM6:10 PMSILVER STAR
1022595:30 PM6:10 PMWATER AEROBICS1022605:30 PM6:10 PMWATER AEROBICS
1022516:20 PM6:55 PMSTARBABIES1022526:20 PM6:55 PMSTARBABIES
1022856:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1022896:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1023316:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1023326:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1021616:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1021626:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
1021636:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1021646:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
1023756:20 PM6:55 PMYELLOW STAR1023766:20 PM6:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1022286:20 PM6:55 PMSILVER STAR1022296:20 PM6:55 PMSILVER STAR