Reach 11


Caption: E211N trail is perfect for a young family


Reach 11 Recreation Area is located just north of the Central Arizona Project canal between Cave Creek Road and Scottsdale Road. Primary access points to the park are provided at Tatum Boulevard, Cave Creek Road, 56th Street and Scottsdale Road.

Reach 11 Recreation Area is a 1,500-acre City of Phoenix, Parks and Recreation district park. The recreation area is approximately 7 miles long and less than 1/2 mile wide. The park runs east and west along the north side of the CAP canal. There are 18 miles of seven foot wide, groomed, multi-use trails that bisect the entire park. The trails meander through a unique xeroriparian desert landscape that is abundant with native vegetation and wildlife. Common plants associated with this habitat include; mesquite, palo verde, acacia, hackberry, desert broom and ironwood. Common wildlife species include; gamble’s quail, morning dove, cottontail rabbit, coyote, and javelina.




Caption: Equestrian Access at the trailhead to E211N is located on the east side of Tatum, north of the CAP canal


The Barrier Free Access Nature Trail is located on the East Side of Tatum Road, just north of the CAP canal at Union Hills Blvd in the Reach 11 Recreation Area. A paved parking area with two disabled parking spaces and disabled accessible gate leads to a graveled multipurpose trail. The multipurpose trail (E211N) is a Reach 11 Recreation Area system trail for use by equestrians, bicyclists, and hikers. For ½ mile the trail runs along the parks northern boundary before it intersects with the paved Barrier Free Access Nature Trail. The multipurpose trail is a hard, stable gravel surface approximately seven feet wide. At two locations the trail crosses a low flow wash of 60’ to 75’ of sandy terrain. The Barrier Free Access Trail is a paved ¾ mile long trail that circles through upland and xeroriparian desert habitats. Use of the Barrier Free Access Nature Trail by horses and bicycles is prohibited. Users are encouraged to take water and wear appropriate clothing and footwear when hiking.

Trails are open from sunrise to sunset.

General Information (602) 534-6265



Caption: Common wildlife species include; Gable's Quail and Javelina