Land Division/Combine Review

The following graphic summarizes each step of the process.

DSD Image graphic flowchart of the land division process

1. Customer contacts P&D Land Division/Combine Specialists - city staff examines the property, researches background information (i.e. grading and drainage, hillside, dedications, zoning, water/sewer, street improvements), and discusses the application and submittal requirements.

Customer contacts P&D - Staff performs cursory review of the application and associated documentation.


2. The land division application is submitted to P&D's payments and submittals counter, where copies are distributed to staff for review and comments. 


3. A staff report is developed outlining the conditions for approval of the land division request. Off-site improvements, such as paving, curb, gutter, sidewalk, water/sewer main extensions and fire hydrants may be required. Right-of-way dedications may also be necessary. A notification of conditional approval will be sent to the applicant informing them of the required stipulations.


4. The customer must begin addressing land division stipulations outlined in the letter. Once all stipulations have been addressed and resolved, staff will finish processing the request. If stipulations are not completed, the application will become void one year from the date of the letter.


5. Staff develops the final approval memorandum that may include a new address, assessor parcel numbers and a legal description and sends the memorandum to the customer.


6. The customer may now proceed with the submission of improvement plans and/or building plans.