PlanPHX Leadership Committee

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The PlanPHX Leadership Committee was formed by the Mayor and City Council to collaborate with the Mayor and City Council, staff, the Phoenix Planning Commission, Village Planning Committees and other Boards and Commissions throughout the course of the project. Meetings are held at the Burton Barr Library, 1221 N. Central Ave., on the 4th floor.

PlanPHX Leadership Committee Meeting Schedule
W, Sept. 12PDF IconPDF IconPDF Icon
Th, Sept. 27PDF IconPDF IconPDF Icon
W, Oct. 10PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, Oct. 24PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, Nov. 7PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, Dec. 5PDF IconPDF IconPDF Icon
W, Dec. 12PDF IconPDF Icon PDF IconPDF Icon
W, Jan. 16PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, Jan. 30PDF IconPDF IconPDF Icon
W, Feb. 27PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, Mar. 13PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, Mar. 27PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, May 8PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, Jun. 12PDF Icon PDF Icon
W, Jun. 26PDF Icon PDF Icon
Th, Sept. 12PDF IconPDF IconPDF Icon
Th, Sept. 26PDF Icon PDF Icon
Th, Oct. 24PDF Icon PDF Icon
F, Dec 12PDF Icon PDF Icon