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Project Overview

Reinvent PHX is a collaborative partnership between the city of Phoenix, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Arizona State University, St. Luke’s Health Initiatives and numerous other organizations committed to developing walkable, opportunity-rich communities connected to light rail. Reinvent PHX will create action plans for districts along the light rail system. The plans will establish a community-based vision for the future and identify investment strategies to improve the quality of life for all residents. This process will establish a new, transit-oriented model for urban planning and development along the city's light rail system.

  • Quality Development - Create an attractive investment environment for high quality and equitable Transit-Oriented Development.
  • Smart Growth Model - Establish a model process for guiding smart, cost-effective investment along light rail corridors.
  • Civic Engagement - Empower the community, including low-income and limited English-speaking residents, to be actively involved in the decision-making and implementation processes.
  • Return on Investment - Capitalize on the community's investment in light rail by guiding development to benefit residents, lower the cost of living and enhance unique and historic characteristics.
  • Formalize Project Team
  • June 2012 through November 2013 - Research and Community Engagement
  • April 8-16 - Gateway Design Workshop
  • August 13-20 - Eastlake Garfield Design  Workshop
  • March 23-April 5 - Midtown, Uptown, Solano Design Workshops
  • Project Completion
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