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This Committee shall have the following powers and duties: To develop design standards, policies and guidelines and to recommend to the City Council adoption of appropriate policy manuals and amendments to the development standards contained in these regulations; To review and make recommendations to the City Council on all specific plans and other City studies including design guidelines to ensure formats compatible with the City-wide design guidelines; To evaluate the success being achieved in meeting the goal of a higher quality of design in the City; and To periodically make recommendations to the City Council for changes to design standards, policy manuals and procedures;
Contact Information: Vania Fletcher (602) 261-8664
Board Composition:
This Committee shall consist of nine members who are residents of the City of Phoenix. Composition shall be as follows: 1 member shall be a member of the Planning Commission 1 member shall be a member of the Parks and Recreation Board 2 members shall be Residents who have served at least two years on a village planning committee 2 members shall represent owner and developers of projects subject to design review 3 members shall be design professionals such as architects, landscape architects, planners and civil engineers.
     Maximum Members: 9  
     Minimum Members: 0  
     Current Members: 8  
     Vacancies: 1  

    Active Member List:

 Member Name  Representation
  Awai, Thomas    Resident of Phoenix 
  Beletz, Robert    Planning Commission 
  Gutkin, Allan    Developers 
  Kolejka, Michael    Design Professionals 
  Newcombe, Dennis    Design Professionals 
  Patton, Ben    Design Professionals 
  Seaman, Matt    Developers 
  Steblay, Craig    Villages 

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