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The Design Review Committee shall have the power and duty under the provisions of these regulations to hear specific items appealed by the development review applicant contesting decisions made by the Development Services Department regarding the interpretation and implementation of design guidelines and architectural diversity standards, and review and approve design alternatives and sustainability bonuses for properties within the boundaries of the downtown code.
Contact Information: Vania Fletcher (602) 261-8664
Board Composition:
The Board shall consist of nine members who are residents of the City of Phoenix, no more than two members may be members of the Design Standards Committee. Composition of the Board shall be as follows: 1 member shall be a member of the Planning Commission 2 members shall be members of the Central City Village Planning Committee 2 members shall be residents 1 member shall represent an owner or developer of projects subject to design review 3 members shall be design professionals such as architects, landscape architects, planners or civil engineers.
     Maximum Members: 9  
     Minimum Members: 0  
     Current Members: 9  
     Vacancies: 0  

    Active Member List:

 Member Name  Representation
  Amery, Dwight    Planning Commission 
  Bruder, Will    Council Dist 4 
  Cooper, Antonio    Design Professionals 
  Durkin, Ann    Villages 
  Graham, Bob    Design Professionals 
  Newman, Rich    Developers 
  Seaman, Matt    Design Professionals 
  Sweat, Sean    Villages 
  Zinnecker, Geoffrey    Resident of Phoenix 

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