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There are three components of our philosophy:





We will concentrate on four categories of enforcement within Maryvale Precinct.  The Resource/Crime Suppression Lieutenant, currently Lt. Jacqui MacConnell, will keep the community apprised of enforcement efforts within the precinct. 
The categories of specialized enforcement will be:


  • Robbery
  • Property Crimes
  • Prostitution/Drugs
  • Graffiti & Gangs


These categories of specialized enforcement have been documented as crime issues within the precinct that require continuous enforcement efforts.  All crime suppression programs will be directed towards these goals and will include daily proactive intervention. 


Crime Suppression Programs

Maryvale Precinct has diligently implemented numerous proactive crime suppression programs that continue to produce positive results throughout the precinct and specifically to the Weed and Seed Site location.  These programs are designed to include enforcement, education, and treatment while targeting systemic root causes.  Philosophically, reducing or suppressing crime is inherently different than responding to or reacting to crime.  Proactive and reactive responses are two different mindsets that require different strategies, goals, and outcomes.



Statistics have proven that violent crime increases 40-60% when prostitution is allowed to exist within a community.  Maryvale Precinct has proactively addressed this issue since January 2008 by implementing numerous programs on a regular basis targeting prostitutes, prostitute users (“johns”) and pimps.  Maryvale also works with the departments Vice Squad reference these operations/investigations. 



Maryvale Precinct is currently working proactively with multi-housing properties.  The issues being addressed are: management of properties, background checks, section eight, rights of management and tenants, security, zoning compliance, criminal violations, parking and a host of other topics.  Maryvale Precinct facilitates discussions with each property and their management, security, legal, and maintenance teams with our City Legal Department, Neighborhood Services, Abatement Detectives, and officers assigned to their property.  This program has been remarkably successful in crime suppression.   
In regard to abatement, it is our protocol to immediately serve a notice of pre-abatement to all drop houses, homes where search warrants and knock and talks have been served, and all properties that continue to be a criminal nuisance in a neighborhood. 



Maryvale Precinct is committed to proactive curfew enforcement believing that removing unsupervised juveniles from the streets will result in less crime and victimization.  Enforcement includes City and County programs for diversion and drug/alcohol treatment/prevention.



This precinct’s Neighborhood Enforcement Teams conduct proactive enforcement reference drug crimes in the precinct.  The squads also follow-up on complaints of drug activity received from community members and/or the Drug Enforcement Bureau through their Neighborhood Narcotic Complaint program.



Officers from Maryvale are assigned to proactively investigate party crews and loud parties occurring within the precinct, as well as citywide underage drinking enforcement.  The philosophy is to close these parties down before they become chaotic, uncontrollable and sometimes violent.  It is believed this program has directly impacted the reduction of homicides and shootings within the precinct.



Working with an assigned robbery detective, the Maryvale Precinct Robbery Liaison works continuously to identify and locate suspects within the precinct committing these crimes.  The success of this program is directly related to the immediate attention/follow up within 24-48 hours of the incident given to these robberies. 



These programs are a concerted effort to regularly bring together appropriate resources, both internal and external, to identify, arrest and prosecute those criminals who are responsible for a high number of incidents of property crimes within Maryvale Precinct.  The crimes include burglaries (residential and commercial), metal theft, and auto theft.



Two officers have been assigned to graffiti and gang crimes enforcement since May 2008.  Their graffiti investigations often reveal a strong tie to gangs and that these suspects were also suspects of homicide, aggravated assaults, home invasions, weapons violations, sexual misconduct, and auto thefts. 



This proactive program partners Maryvale Precinct with the Parks Department and provides specific enforcement at city parks.  In the past, some of these parks were controlled by gang members who utilized the parks for drug transactions and gang activity; denying access by the general public.  Now, the precinct’s parks are enjoyed by the surrounding residents and are being use as they were originally intended to be used.