Beeping Eggs?!


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Beeping Egg Insides and Their Builder

Yep, we’ve heard them being scrambled, fried, and boiled; pickled, over easy and deviled; but beeping…Why not?! On December 5th, 2012 Phoenix Police Detective/Bomb Technician Jake Bohi delivered some very special eggs to some very special citizens.  The beeping eggs are for sight impaired children so they can participate in Easter Egg hunts during Easter.  

Several years ago a bomb technician on the east coast came up with the idea of the Beeping Egg for his sight impair child.  This idea has blossomed to the point where bomb squads around the country are assembling these eggs and donating them to organizations so sight impaired kids can participate in Easter Egg hunts.  The Beeping Eggs are also used for orientation training such as finding light switches, door handles etc.  
Beeping Egg Insides and Wires
The International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) donated the parts for the beeping eggs.  Detective Bohi is the Region One Director for the IABTI (10 west coast states representing over 850 bomb techs).  He assembled these eggs and worked with his church to find a local organization to receive the donation.  

Though we cannot disclose information about the organization and the children who received this thoughtful and generous gift, we can say they are extremely appreciative of the effort.

The Phoenix Police Bomb Squad takes great pride in working with the community and the partnerships that develop as a result. Kudos to Detective Bohi and his folks for making life just a little simpler for our younger citizens!