Buddy the Dog Returned Home After Two Years


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On Friday, March 1st 2013 Phoenix Police Officer Don Martin was on patrol and traveling north on N. 15th av. when a black and white Pekingese dog ran from the apartment complex at 4802 N. 15th av. and struck the side of his patrol vehicle. Officer Martin immediately turned around and went back to the dog. The dog was breathing but bleeding from the mouth and was unable to stand. Police officers wrapped the dog in a blanket and immediately transported him to the Alta Vista Veterinary hospital at 4706 N. 7th av.

The citizen from whom the dog had run told police he had found the dog about a week ago and, as he is an animal lover, he took the pet into his home to care for him. The dog was found to have an identification “chip” and officers immediately began search efforts to find the owner. An address in Glendale was identified and Glendale officers assisted by going to the home. There was no one there so the officers left a card with the telephone number to the animal hospital.

And now, for the rest of the story; the animal hospital received a call from Ms. Jessica Rowe. Jessica told them the dogs name is “Buddy”. Jessica told our officers there was a monsoon storm back in May, 2011 when she lived in Mesa. During that storm the gate to her home was blown open and Buddy ran away. Now, that dog was the life of Jessica’s daughter and Jessica posted flyers everywhere, went door to door in her neighborhood and even posted on the internet in an effort to find their pet, all to no avail. Jessica had given up hope of ever finding Buddy and she refused to get another dog because Buddy’s loss had devastated her child and she did not want to risk that ever happening again.
Buddy the Dog and Company
I spoke with Jessica on the phone, well I tried to; but as soon as I mentioned Buddy and asked how he was Jessica began to speak in total elation about their reunion with this special pet. It was fun just listening.

The Phoenix Police Department is pretty happy for Jessica, her children and Buddy, and we are proud of the efforts our officers put forth to make the reunion possible. Did I mention our officers paid out of their own pockets for Buddy’s care at the animal hospital? This is a “Dog-Gone” great story!