Videos for All

Listed below are some of the many security training resources that are freely available.  

Note:  While some vendor-created training is listed below, the City of Phoenix does not recommend or endorse any specific vendors, products, or services.

Google's Cyber Security Awareness Channel

Google's Cyber Security Awareness channel on YouTube highlights educational videos created by users, nonprofit groups, businesses, schools, and government agencies.



MindfulSecurity Videos

MindfulSecurity has a collection of security awareness videos.  Some of these are older, but the information is still relevant.  

MS-ISAC Videos

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center offers a set of security awareness videos, including a Security 101 class for those who have to protect information. Videos, Games, and Tutorials offers some great videos, games, and tutorials to teach the whole family about security topics and how to protect themselves.  When ISPO isn't playing P2P Threeplay, it's watching the Phishy Home video. Videos

StaySafeOnline has a nice collection of videos, like this one that mimics a 1950s educational film.

Symantec Scary Internet Stuff Video Series

Symantec put together a series of very well done videos on scary Internet stuff.  ISPO loves these videos, like the one below, and wishes it had created them.