Mule to Fuel--And Electricity!: A History Exhibit

Mule to Fuel Logo

In recognition of 125 years of public transit service in the city of Phoenix, the Public Transit Department presented "From Mule to Fuel (and Electricity!)" at Phoenix's Burton Barr Central Library during November 2012.  Though the exhibit has concluded, you can learn more about Phoenix transit history here.

"Mule to Fuel" took a lighthearted look at public transit's transformation over the years: from the advent of public transit in the city of Phoenix in 1887 to its growth as a vital government service.  The exhibit showcased photographs, historical documents and memorabilia from when the first mule-drawn car traveled Washington Street to the launch of METRO Light Rail in 2008 and beyond.

On this website you can get a glimpse into that history, by browsing a variety of publications chronicling the evolution of transit service.  

Streetcar Delivery Bus operator photo WWII conductorette photograph Tico logo on bus

Streetcar service was one of the first kinds of transit in Phoenix.  

Transit operators have served city residents in many capacities.   

Buses played a key role in World War II.

Tico, a sunny mascot of Phoenix transit service, was created in 1974.