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Think No One Rides the Bus? Think Again and Plan for your Bus Ride.
Information from the Phoenix Public Transit Department

Now that you are planning to take the bus, you may think it will be easy because "no one rides the bus" or that the transit system is full of "empty buses" and you'll just be able to "hop on." If you were a passenger standing on a heavily-traveled bus route during rush hour, you'd wonder why anyone thought that way. Just as streets and freeways have rush hours and low times so does the Valley's transit system. Knowing when that is and what routes have the most passengers can help you choose the best trip for yourself.

Public transportation rush hours are generally 6 to 8 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m. Since Phoenix Union High School students use city buses to get to school, they impact ridership during the morning rush hour and again from 1 to 3 p.m.

Depending on where you pick up the bus, you could encounter a relatively empty bus or one that's overcrowded. As buses head for a busy destination, the passenger load is at first light then can become heavier. Downtown Phoenix is an example of a high volume destination and as buses approach the central city, more passengers are picked up than dropped off along the way.

Also, you'll find the highest ridership along the same streets that carry a lot of traffic. Of the local and circulator routes in the Valley, the list below ranks Phoenix's top 10 routes that carry anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 boardings on a weekday:

Rt. 29-Thomas Rd.
Rt. 41-Indian School Rd.
Rt.19-19th Ave.
Rt.17-McDowell Rd.
Rt. 3-Van Buren St.
Rt. 35-35th Ave.
Rt. 24-24th St./Glendale
Rt. 0-Central Ave.
Rt. 50-Camelback Rd.

Check out a Phoenix commuter route - RAPID and Express buses, which run weekday morning and afternoons, - and where to find a park-and-ride.

So consider the time of day and the route if you are planning to take the bus and review your options. Remember, for many Phoenix residents they can take more than one bus route to their destination.

To find out about bus routes and schedules, call a Valley Metro customer representative at (602) 253-5000; for persons with text telephones (602) 261-8208. To plan your bus trip on line go valleymetro.org. The Transit Book is available on buses; at transit centers and park-and-rides; and city offices and libraries.