Mule to Fuel -- Streetcars

One of the first forms of transit service to run in the city of Phoenix was the streetcar.  Powered by electricity, the vehicles were carefully tailored to appeal to passengers with fine elements, as described in the scanned correspondence below between American Car Company and the Phoenix City Manager.

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American Car header

Letter from American Car Regarding Seat Upholstery
American Car Company recommends leather upholstery for the comfort of Phoenix passengers.

Contract with American Car Company -
An agreement with City Manager Griggs to build 18 motor cars.

Letter confirming receipt of $12,447 for 18 motor cars
Phoenix's order of street cars was already under construction on Nov. 13, 1928 when this letter was mailed.

Promotional flyer for Brill Modern Streetcars
The two-page advertising pamphlet details the details of the Wilmington streetcar model, which could seat 44 passengers.

Letters regarding Phoenix's streetcar delivery
A letter requesting a change to delivery routes for the order of 18 motor cars, and a stern response from the city manager.  Follwing, the final letter confirming delivery via two routes, and a subsequent letter noting missing components from some streetcars being delivered.  Subsequent letters note that some parts arrived, while others are not functional.