Disposal Facility Fees

For Disposal Customers

  • All loads will be charged $38.25 per ton of disposal material ($10 minimum charge).
  • All commercial/business customers must purchase an Express Exit Disposal Permit decal for each vehicle and use it for entrance into the disposal facility. Express Exit Disposal Permit decals are $5 each at the scale house.
  • Other disposal customers or customers not yet issued an Express Exit Disposal Permit decal:
    • Will be required to leave a deposit. Note that credit and debit card deposits may be held and not released by the authorizing bank for as long as 30 days. This is a bank policy and not within the control of the city of Phoenix. 
    • Must weigh in and weigh out when entering and exiting the transfer station.
    • May require an estimated tare weight one hour prior to closing. Fees are final and non-refundable. 
  • Customers may be directed by facility staff to sort their loads into specific areas when unloading for waste diversion and recycling purposes.
  • All disposal loads must be properly secured from the point of origin to the end destination. Unsecured load penalty will be $20. Learn how to properly secure your load before you drive on public roads. It's the law and helps keep our streets safe and clean. 
  • Customers who frequently bring in vegetation only loads free of trash (green organics loads) to the city transfer stations should consider enrolling in our Certified Clean Green Program. Participating in the program can bring substantial savings per load. 


Residential Free Loads

A resident  customer paying full service monthly refuse/trash fees may receive disposal on one load of up to 1 ton (2,000 pounds) each calendar month at no charge upon complying with the following: 

  • Present a copy of their city services (water) bill showing they have an active account paying full service refuse/trash fees that are current and not delinquent. 
  • Present photo I.D. with name or address matching the city services bill or account. No substitutions permitted.
  • To avoid a $20 unsecured load fee, load must be properly enclosed, covered or secured from the point of origin to prevent the spilling or blowing of solid waste from the vehicle. 
  • Residents' loads exceeding one ton will be required to leave a deposit and weigh out after dumping. The customer must pay the current gate rate of $38.25/ton for any material disposed in excess on one ton. 
  • One hour prior to closing, the empty weight (tare) of the vehicle will be estimated at the time of entry. Disposal fees based on the estimated tare fee are final and non-refundable. 


The transfer station rates and procedures  are authorized by Chapter 27 of the City Code.  To view the code, visit Chapter 27 of the City Code and search for Chapter 27 under "City Code."  All fees must be paid by cash, credit or debit card, or a pre-approved commercial account with the city of Phoenix. Credit and debit card charges used for deposits may not be released by the authorizing bank for up to 30 days. This is a policy of the authorizing bank and is not within the control of Phoenix. The city of Phoenix cannot be held responsible for any non-sufficient funds or other charges related to the customers use of debit or credit cards.