Trash and Recycling Collection - Acceptable Practices

PWD 4 feet apart graphic4 feet apart

Trash and recycling containers must be 4 feet apart.  This distance helps to prevent our trucks from knocking over containers while collecting your trash and recycling.

Why "Bag and Tie"?

The bagging of garbage and grass is a requirement by Maricopa County to keep control of insects, rodents or other "vector" that can transmit diseases. Bagging also keeps control of odors as well as keeping the inside of your garbage container clean. Review the city of Phoenix garbage and recycling collection standards and guidelines for proper residential waste management.

Keep a lid on it!

City code requires residents to have lids and covers on solid waste containers (garbage or recycling) secured to prevent rain, insects and blowing of garbage or recyclable materials throughout your neighborhood. So..."KEEP A LID ON IT!!!"

5:30 A.M.!

To ensure timely collection, containers must be placed curbside at 5:30 a.m. the day of pick up.