Healthy Home
Programs / Resources: Education
Arthritis Education - Senior Programing designed to provide seniors with information on arthritis.
Bone Builders - Senior In conjunction with Maricopa County, this program provides nutrition tips and exercise to help older adults build strong bones.
Community Emergency Response This program is designed to train and educate citizens in the event of a disaster. Program includes community readiness as well as safety and first aid. Graduates can volunteer to share information at community events.
CPR and First Aid CPR and First Aid Classes are conducted at the Washington Activity Center (2240 Citrus Way) on Wednesdays from 5 to 8:45 p.m.
Crisis Response and Community Assistance This program offers information on smoke detectors, home safety assessments, crisis stabilization, hoarder intervention, and domestic violence education and assessment.
Diabetes Education - Seniors A presentation that provides information on diabetes control and prevention.
Domestic Violence Education The John F. Long Family Services Center’s Community Council  addresses the issue of domestic violence in Maryvale. Community partners include schools, medical centers, police, churches, other government agencies, and community-based organizations.
Eldervention - Senior Classes offered cover mental health topics and intervention tips for seniors.
Head Start / Early Head Start - Health Education This program provides various health education one-on-one or in groups.
Health Education Speakers - Senior Health education presentations help to keep senior center clientele informed on ways to improve or maintain health. Please contact your local senior center for more information.
Hospice - Senior Speakers promote the benefits of hospice care and answer questions. Please contact your local senior center for more information.
Impaired Driving Education - Youth Advising high school teenagers about the risks of impaired driving and driver safety awareness.  Please call 602-262-6910 for more information.
Library Services Phoenix Public Library offers a wealth of health and wellness resources to help you achieve your health goals. Resources include workshops, online classes, online videos, books, articles and more.
Mental Health Education The Travis L. Williams Family Services Center Community Council educates the community residents and service providers on mental health issues, providing on-going mental health support groups for clients, and training staff to better identify clients with mental health needs.
Parenting Classes Parenting classes are an effective way for parents to gain the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to successfully move their children through all stages of development. The classes offered at the Beuf Community Center are in conjunction with PBS Channel 8’s Early Literacy Project and Arizona Facts of Life programs for teenaged parents.
Youth Health Education The Sunnyslope Family Services Center Community Council works with community agencies to provide education to empower youth to make healthy choices.
Water Services The City of Phoenix has been delivering clean, reliable water supplies to homes, businesses, industries and other area customers for more than 100 years. Our successes have come from engaging our customers in planning for our water supply needs, and promoting the responsible use of water.

Programs specific to youth or senior participation are noted above.