Seamless Service Mission

Seamless Service Mission

Phoenix city employees work around-the-clock to provide seamless service.

Seamless service is a perspective, a way of doing business that city employees strive to incorporate into their daily work. Whether we are protecting neighborhood streets, battling fires, collecting garbage, providing water to your home, resurfacing streets or keeping the parks clean, providing the best possible service to citizens and visitors is our mission 24 hours every day.

Our seamless service mission is part of the Vision and Values statements adopted by the city, which challenges staff to rise to a standard of excellence in government. 

Phoenix is fortunate to have a management team with years of municipal experience, and the city manager is supported by a team of deputy city managers who are cross-trained to ensure a knowledgeable and consistent level of quality service.

To provide seamless service requires that all city employees work together, that we listen carefully to residents and that we provide the services that citizens need. We endeavor to do this every day and night.