Sonoran Desert Drive Name Evaluation On-line Survey

The following survey information will be used to determine if there is a majority support to modify the Sonoran Desert Drive street name within the Sonoran Preserve Area. As a property owner or resident within a ½ mile from this roadway, you will receive, or have received, a notice from the City of Phoenix with information on this process and a link to this website. The notice also includes a unique 4 digit numerical code that will be required to submit the survey results.

Please provide the requested information and your street name preference below:

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NOTE: Options 2 and 3 above will require additional City resources to complete. The cost to change street name signs along this roadway and to change the associated I-17 freeway signage is estimated at up to $205,000. Also, a response from the majority of those notified must be received by the City in order to forward a recommendation to the City Council requesting a street name change and the expenditure of additional funds. Thank you for participating in this survey and working with the Street Transportation Department on transportation projects in this region.