Street Maintenance/ADA Problem Reporting Form

To report street maintenance problems or ADA problems in the public right-of-way, please complete and submit this form. It is pre-addressed to arrive at the correct destination when you click on the Submit button below. Complete and submit separate forms to report more than one problem.

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  • Pothole
    Remove Debris in Street (describe debris):

  • Clogged Storm Drain Inlet
    Storm Flooded Street
    Storm Flooded Yard
    Sweep Street
    Grade Dirt Alley
    Weeds in the Right-of-Way
    Cannot Reach Signal Push Button
    Spills in Street (describe what was spilled):
    Street Light:(Describe Street Light Issue)

    Street Sign:(Describe Street Sign Issue)
    Illegal Dumping in Storm Drain
    Other (describe):
  • Pavement Roll Up
    Sidewalk Repair
    Broken Curb
    Wheelchair Ramp Repair
    Wheelchair Ramp

  • Problems also can be reported to Street Maintenance Division staff during normal business hours at (602) 262-6441. In the event we need to follow-up with you, please fill in as much of the following information as possible.

  • (Use 10-digit phone number)

Before you submit this e-mail form, we would like you to be aware of the City's policy on the use of its e-mail systems. The policy states that the e-mail message you are about to send: (1) is subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Law, (2) is not private or confidential and (3) is retained for one month.