Update URLs and Bookmarks Notification

http://email.phoenix.gov not working?

Did you arrive at this page after trying to go to email.phoenix.gov or another similar phoenix.gov Web address?   Are you a Cox Internet Service customer?  If so, you may need to reset your router so that you can get to the page you need vs. landing here.  According to Cox, you need to take the following steps in the order presented:

  1. Turn off all computers
  2. Turn off (unplug from the electrical outlet) the router
  3. Turn off (unplug from the electrical outlet) the modem
  4. Turn back on (plug in) the modem
  5. Turn back on (plug in) the router
  6. Turn back on all computers

That should clear out any cached DNS entries.  If that doesn't work or you need assistance, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

Thank you for visiting the official website for the city of Phoenix.