Account Services

Account Services


The links below and to the left are designed to quickly and effectively assist with your Customer Service needs. However, if you still have questions, please contact us, or visit one our Customer Services office locations.

Set Up or Close Account - Follow this link to learn how a new customers can set up their water service and current customers and can close their service account.


Water and Sewer Rates and Charges  - Following this link you will find information about Phoenix’s tap water and sewer rates and charges, innovations and efficiencies and how to reduce your costs.


Access your account online - Pay your City Services Bill online, request changes to your account information, request a billing summary, request a duplicate bill, create a credit letter, and request your water consumption history.


Sewer Adjustment Request Form pdficonwsd - This form is required if you wish to request an adjustment to your sewer fee due to a larger than average water consumption event. This form must be submitted within 60 days of your July billing. 


Alternative to a Lease/Rental Agreement Form pdficonwsd - This form is for customers that will be applying for a water account but do not own the property and do not have a formal lease rental agreement with the landlord.