Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping consists of daily activities which help prevent stormwater pollution. Some examples of good housekeeping include: sweeping, keeping dumpsters closed while not in use, proper labeling/storing of chemicals, proper maintenance of stormwater treatment devices.

Improper Housekeeping

ESDSW060_dumpster4.jpg ESDSW061_BadRolloff.jpg
Garbage lying around dumpster and uncovered while not in use. Roll-off dumpster is not covered and is leaking.

Proper Housekeeping

ESDSW009_Cdumpster.jpg ESDSW004_Cdumpster.jpg ESDSW057_Sweeping2.jpg
Area around dumpster is clean and dumpster is closed when not in use. Roll-off dumpster closed while not in use. Sweeping up facility to eliminate possible trackout.