Outdoor Loading/Unloading Area

Items should be loaded/unloaded in a covered area to prevent contact with stormwater. Also spill kits and/or other stormwater devices should be used (e.g. mat to cover drywell when loading/unloading). Loading/unloading areas should be kept clean and any spills should be cleaned up immediately.

Here are a few examples of loading/unloading areas.

Improper loading/unloading area

Loading area full of trash and standing water.Loading docks with drywells should drain within 36 hours after a rain event.

Proper loading/unloading area

ESDSW045_loadingdockchem.jpg ESDSW066_CoveredUnloading4.jpg ESDSW064_CoveredUnloading2.jpg
Bulk chemical loading is covered and bermed.  Spill kit located near loading dock. Loading dock utilizes an apron during loading/unloading. Loading dock utilizes both a cover and apron.