Structural Controls

Structural controls may be implemented to help minimize stormwater pollution from your property. Some examples of structural controls include: retention basins, drywells, berms and storm drain filtration systems. Structural controls should be cleaned and properly maintained on a regular basis.

Improper Structural Controls

ESDSW037_nostructuralcontrol.jpg ESDSW036_improperdrywell.jpg
Oily, dirty water leaving the property through fence line. No berm. Oily parts and dumpster stored near drywell.

Proper Structural Controls

ESDSW011_berm.jpg ESDSW034_drywell.jpg ESDSW035_retentionbasin.jpg
Area is clean and berm was constructed to prevent water from leaving site. Clean and well maintained drywell. Clean and well maintained on-site retention basin.