Project News/Activies


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Construction Activities

Segment 2D - This project is scheduled to begin early 2014 and last about one year.
Segment 2C (main line) - This segment is complete
Segment 2C (small streets - green line on map)
- This project segment began in summer 2013 and will last about one year.
Segment 2B - This segment is complete
Segment 2A - This segment is compete


Construction activities for each segment will require traffic restrictions and occasional road closures involving construction equipment
and personnel to be present in the work zone. Residents are asked to keep themselves and the work crews safe by following all
traffic control signage and adhering to the reduced speed limit and parking restrictions.

Thank you for your patience during this project. The Water Services Department is committed to working
together with the community during construction and will do its best to minimize disruptions to surrounding

More information about this project is available by calling 602-235-2839.


Project Schedule

Segment 2D: Broadway Road from 17th to 32nd Streets ( Under Construction)
Segment 2C: Broadway Road from 10th Ave to 17th Street - Main line (Completed)
Segment 2C: Small streets rehab (began summer 2013)

Segment 2B: Broadway Road, 31st Ave 10th Ave (Completed)
Segment 2A: Broadway Road, 51st Ave to 31st Ave (Completed)

Communication Flyers

(Most recent segments/flyers at top of lists - All docs in Adobe Acrobat Format )


Segment 2D Broadway Road Segment - Communication Flyers

April 2014
February 2014

Segment 2C Small Streets Rehab Segment- Communication Flyers

March 2014
February 2014
August 2013

Segment 2C Broadway Road Segment - Communication Flyers (Project 2C Broadway Road Segment Completed)

May 2012
November 2011 
October 2011
August 2011 E
August 2011 D
August 2011 C
August 2011 B
August 2011 A  

Segment 2B Communication Flyers (Segment 2B Completed)

July 2009 C 
July 2009 B
July 2009 A

Segment 2A Communication Flyers (Segment 2A Completed)

March 2009
January 2009
November 2008
September 2008