Outdoor Water Use



Where do you use the most water?

Did you know that, up to 50% of household water use in the Valley is outdoors? While it is easy to recognize when you're using water indoors, outdoor water use is more complicated. When lawns are being watered in summer months, household water use can more than double. You can cut back on outdoor use through leak detection, efficient irrigation practices, low-water-use landscapes and year-long maintenance of outdoor water-using equipment.

swimming pool surrounded by desert landscaping.

Caption plum:Save big; save outdoors.

Many Valley residents with yards have automatic sprinklers that are set once or twice a year despite variations in temperature and weather conditions. If timed efficiently, sprinklers set to water in the evening or early morning hours reduce daytime evaporation. However, if sprinklers are not inspected regularly, there can be undetected leaks, broken lines or damaged sprinkler heads.

Some Phoenix yards also have swimming pools and other water-using equipment that can potentially leak or operate with antiquated high-water-using technologies.

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