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Taking the Splash Out of Pools and Spas

If you are a Phoenix pool owner, you are not alone. Thirty percent of the single family homes in Phoenix have pools. Evaporation accounts for about 40 to 60 percent of pool water usage in Phoenix. Other big contributors include intentional draining, backwashing and leaks. Even splashing and carryout can be significant.

To minimize water loss from your pool, follow a few simple design and maintenance strategies:

Pool maintenance worker testing chemistry of pool water.

Caption plum:Reduce water waste; keep pool chemicals in check

  • Install pool equipment using advanced water-saving technologies (sand or diatomaceous earth filters consume water at twelve times the rate of newer cartridge-filter technologies).
  • Test pool water regularly and balance pool chemicals to reduce the need to drain water from your pool. About 25 percent of the volume of a typical Phoenix pool is estimated to be intentionally drained each year. (At a minimum, check pool chemistry twice per week in the summer and once per week in the winter.)
  • Know when to backwash if you have a sand filter. Backwashing too often wastes water and prevents the system from running efficiently. (Consult a pool service professional.)
  • Consult a pool service professional to inspect your pool for leaks — it's estimated that 1 in 20 pools have leaks.
  • Reduce evaporation by limiting use of pool-cooling aerators that spray water above the surface of the water (unless oxygenation is required to combat anaerobic microorganisms).
  • Maintain water at four inches below decking to reduce water loss from splashing.
  • Keep the fun and games in the pool — when possible, limit pool entries and exits to reduce water waste from "carryout."
  • Conserve water; drain small amounts of pool water across your bermudagrass lawn avoiding plants that have low tolerance to salt and chlorine. Use only the sewer cleanout for draining your pool. (City code prohibits discharge of pool water onto city streets, alleys, right-of-ways and other City property. Large quantities of water must be discharged into sewer clean outs — consult a pool professional for safe draining strategies.)
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