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Fun Learning about Water

Two young girls watch a teacher demonstrate a water lesson outdoors.

Caption plum:Students learning about water

"To teach is to touch lives forever" — Anonymous

We don't live near a major lake. The mountains where snow melt flows into rivers are more than 100-miles away. Rarely do we see a river flowing through our city. Rainfall is very limited.

So why is there clean, fresh water flowing from our tap? How do we educate our customers to be good water stewards at home, work, or school?

Our customers told us "start by teaching our children about how precious water is in the desert."

As teachers, you are our partners in educating the youth in Phoenix, and we want to help make this easy for you. Phoenix offers a variety of programs and materials to help teachers and other educational professionals to instill water education in children. All of the programs and materials offered to teachers are sponsored by the City and everything is free. Also, the workshops, curriculum materials, and assembly programs meet many of the Arizona Academic Standards.

Pupils watch a puppet show.

Caption plum:Fun with water

  • Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is an award winning, nationwide program that teaches youth at all grade levels about the scientific and social importance of water, where it comes from, how to protect the sources, and how to use water without waste.
  • We have assembled a collection of printed materials for teachers to use in the classroom. They are grade and age appropriate and fun to use.
  • Create an exciting learning environment through the three assembly-style programs offered by the City of Phoenix. The programs support the lessons in Project WET and the printed materials.

Remember—there is no charge for any programs or materials provided to teachers and educators working in the City of Phoenix water service area.