Budget Process Calendar

Wondering when the Phoenix City Council will hear budget presentations or vote on the budget? When and where community budget hearings are held?  When the budget will be adopted?

The interactive budget calendar below lists city council and public meetings specifically related to the city budget.

schedule of this year's Community Budget Hearings is available to print or download.  The document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
After each hearing, video recordings of the hearing will be posted on the city's YouTube webpage.

Interested in participating in the budget adoption process?
Phoenix residents can contact their Phoenix City Council member at anytime during the year to provide input on the city’s budget.  Each spring, the city releases the City Manager's Trial Budget for community review and hosts Community Budget Hearings throughout the city.  Residents are encouraged to attend meetings and provide the city council with input on the Trial Budget.

Want to learn about other public meetings?
Citizens are invited to attend and participate in city council meetings.  The City Council meeting page provides information on city council meetings, including notices and results.

Want to learn more about the city’s budget process?
We welcome you to view a short video that describes the city's budget development and adoption process and visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.