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Special Event Liquor (Series 15)

Special Event LiquorHow do I obtain a License?

The City and State applications for events in the City of Phoenix must be submitted 90 days before the event directly to the City of Phoenix, City Clerk Department, License Services Office located at 200 W. Washington St., 1st floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003.  

Special Event Liquor License applications must be approved by the City of Phoenix before being submitted to the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (DLLC) for events in Phoenix.  Once the City of Phoenix completes the application review/approval, the DLLC requires additional review/approval time for special event liquor licenses.


Application Forms (To apply, both the City & DLLC Forms must be submitted directly to License Services)
arrowbullet City of Phoenix Special Event Liquor License (Series 15) Application Packet
arrowbullet DLLC Application for Special Event License

DLLC Special Event Information/Resources 
arrowbulletDLLC Special Event Plan Guide
arrowbullet Special Event Kit

arrowbullet Contact the Phoenix Police Department: (602) 438-6625 or email:
arrowbullet Contact the AZ Department of Liquor Licenses and Control



From other City of Phoenix Departments:

  arrowbulletBuilding or Use Permit(s) from the Planning & Development Department
  arrowbulletPrivilege (Sales) Tax License from the Finance Department

From other State or County Agencies:

  arrowbulletFood Permits from Maricopa County Environmental Health
  arrowbulletRegistration of LLC/Corporation with the AZ Corporation Commission
  arrowbulletState Privilege (Sales) Tax License


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