Public Notice - Tax and Fee Changes

Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes Sec. 9-499.15, the City of Phoenix is hereby giving notice of proposed adoptions of, or changes to, municipal taxes or fees.

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3/26/20147/2/2014TaxUnder Arizona law, City of Phoenix property owners pay a combination of two tax levies: a primary tax levy and a secondary tax levy.  City staff intends to recommend a proposed decrease in the primary property tax rate of 11.23 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for fiscal year 2014-15 and a proposed increase of 11.23 cents per $100 of assessed valuation in the secondary property tax rate for fiscal year 2014-15. If approved, the combined property tax rate will remain unchanged at $1.82 per $100 dollars of assessed valuation and the City's total annual property tax levy will be increased by about $9.6 million;  however, cumulatively for the last five years, there has been approximately $534 million in savings for Phoenix property owners.Budget and ResearchPhoenix Municipal Charter Chapter XVIII,
Phoenix  Municipal Code Chapter/Section  2-19, Arizona Revised Statutes 42-17151


02/14/2014Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee:  04/08/2014FeePhoenix City Code Chapter 27 revision, among other things, will: (1) Decrease residential 60-gallon trash container service fee; (2) Add fees to participate in optional residential green organics service program; (3) Separate out service fees for waste collection from multiple dwellings, schools, churches, governments, and non-profit entities; and (4) Add fee for specialized waste collection services and container exchange/removal. Public WorksN/A as the optional fees are not imposed pursuant to statute

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Edith Baltierrez