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Roof rats were first discovered in east Phoenix Arcadia neighborhoods in 2002. They are not native to Arizona and may have been transported to Maricopa County from one of our neighboring coastal states. Roof rats can carry disease, but those found to date in Maricopa County have not been disease carriers. Roof rats are known to be destructive, gnawing through wiring and destroying citrus. They are generally active at night and during the spring months.  To view information provided by the city of Phoenix on roof rats please click HERE.  Here you will find information on who to notify if you think you may have roof rats, what you can do to get rid of them, what you can do to prevent them, and what the city of Phoenix is doing to address the problem.  Another comprehensive source with information about roof rats and roof rat prevention is the webpage developed by Arcadia neighbors, Barry and Joan Paceley, which you can find HERE.


At the AZ Game & Fish Dept.'s website you will learn how to identify and live with mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, javelina, woodpeckers and other indigenous animals.  They also tell you what to do if you find an injured, sick or orphaned wild animal near your home.  Arizona residents can expect to see many species of wildlife. Sometimes the wildlife becomes a problem, either by hammering on the side of the house, digging a den under the front porch, or eating all of your brand new landscaping plants. Fortunately, taking a few simple steps can help you prevent many of the most common wildlife-related problems around your home. A number of proven methods can be used to solve the problem when it cannot be prevented. The Arizona Game & Fish Department has developed helpful web pages that provide Arizona residents with information about how to coexist with wildlife, especially in urban areas.  Please click HERE to access their website.


Vector Control staff investigate citizen complaints dealing with mosquitos, flies, rats, mice, bees, and roaches.  They also enforce and ensure compliance of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code.  Their office provides mosquito eating fish (Gambusia) free to the public, for use in ponds, stock tanks, or any permanent waters a homeowner may have (such as pools).  They also try to educate individuals and citizen groups on monsquito reducing techniques they can use around their home or property to eliminate mosquito breeding through the use of pamphlets, neighborhood meetings and presentations.  Click HERE to access their website.  You can reach their office at 602-506-6616 or use their online complaint form by clicking HERE.