D6 Neighborhoods


Click HERE to Find Out Information About the Following Programs Offered Through the city of Phoenix's Neighborhood Services Department:

*Graffiti Busters
*Sign Abatement
*Shopping Cart Retrieval
*Housing Rehabilitation
*Landlord/Tenant Counseling
*Lead Hazard Control 

Listing Your Neighborhood Group
If you participate in a community group such as a block watch, homeowners or neighborhood association please be sure that it is listed with the city's Neighborhood Notification Office.  There are several benefits of listing your group such as receiving information on helpful resources and notifications.  You can list your group HERE.  Click HERE to view community groups in your area that are currently listed with the city.  

Have a D6 Staff Member Attend Your Next Meeting
If you would like a District 6 staff member to attend any of your community group's meetings, please let our office know at 602-262-7491 or council.district.6@phoenix.gov.  

Neighborhood Preservation Division: REPORT BLIGHT
The Neighborhood Preservation Division of the city's Neighborhood Services Dept. resolves issues pertaining to property maintenance, zoning, and non-permitted construction, through a combination of education, partnership efforts, assistance and code enforcement.  For more information on the code enforcement policy/process, questions about blighted property cases, how to report a blighted property or to view a code enforcement case status report, please click HERE.  Click HERE to fill out a form to report a blighted property.    

Free Classes Offered by the Neighborhood Services Department
The Neighborhood Services Department has developed a comprehensive schedule of free classes for City of Phoenix residents.  These classes are designed to help residents build and sustain vibrant neighborhoods by providing tools needed to build successful partnerships.  Click HERE to view the schedule of their 2011 workshops.    

Get Your Group Involved in the Good Neighbor Program

The Neighborhood Services Department also manages the Good Neighbor Program which seeks to increase participation in neighborhood improvement activities and projects by creating opportunities in which all residents feel comfortable while learning about themselves, their neighbors and their neighborhoods through a series of educational & self-awareness oriented classes and workshops.  Click HERE to view more information about this program.  

Grant Opportunities

There are a variety of grants funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and administered by various city of Phoenix department.  For questions groups may contact Neighborhood Services Grants Administration at 602-262-7845 or barbara.bellamy@phoenix.gov.  Click HERE to view a chart that outlines grant opportunities for city of Phoenix based organizations, including how to apply.